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Praise for Leave Tomorrow Behind:

"In Clemens's heartfelt fifth Stella Crown mystery… Clemens creates a cozy, safe-feeling community that needs a fierce defender like Stella to protect it… readers will love her determination to make things right while letting everyone live the way he or she desires."
Publishers Weekly

Praise for Dying Echo:

"Well written, likeable characters and a good solid mystery. Highly recommended."
Cayocosta 72 Book Reviews

"...latest adventure provides mystery, romance..."

"Dying Echo is a solidly written and entertaining story. [It] is written for an adult audience who enjoy a good mystery and at the same time likes to understand the heroine's background. Humor, drama, and raw emotion are incorporated into the story to help it feel more personal. I am interested in reading more about Casey and whether she will be able to escape from Death."

"I liked this book. It was quirky but not stupid, like a Christopher Moore book except without all of the 'Look at me! Look how quirky I'm being! I am so adorable! Validate me!' forced, sugary, twee quirkiness that is sometimes all through a Christopher Moore book."
Cozy Little Book Journal

"This fourth volume was very pleasant to discover, I am curious to know more about theadventures of Casey and to see what will happen to her relationship, whether with Eric or even Death."
Between Dreams and Reality

"Casey sounds like a modern day Nancy Drew which I thought was awesome. You'd think after dozens of Nancy Drew novels that the theme would get old but it isn't! Mystery solving is so fun to read and with a bad ass like Casey who seems to be able to accomplish anything she puts her mind to in order to help her brother, despite the own pain and agony she deals with every day."
—Elizabeth Barbarick,

"Really enjoyed the book and the development of the characters—Death and Casey. Can't wait for the next installment of the series!"

Praise for Flowers For Her Grave:

"...readers will find themselves thoroughly entertained by this oddly appealing mix of the jaunty and the macabre."

"I read, I smiled, I laughed, and I truly enjoyed this book."
"This mystery is extremely well constructed and well written."

"Ms. Clemens has written a great mystery with truly interesting characters."

"Flowers For Her Grave continues Judy Clemens's 'Grim Reaper' series, featuring a very flummoxed young woman named Casey who's relentlessly pursued by Death. Changing her name and signing up as a fitness instructor in a rich, gated community doesn't keep murder from happening around her."
—From Library Journal's "What Else is Hot?" under the "Hard-Edged Contemporary" mysteries coming out in the fall of 2011

Praise for The Grim Reaper's Dance:

"The story moves apace, with a good look at small town America... what is unusual here is the use of the Grim Reaper as a foil. After all, how often can 'death' be a force for 'good,' much less a sounding board and an advance scout? Recommended."

Praise for Embrace the Grim Reaper:

"The intriguing first in a new series from Clemens introduces a classic tragic heroine, Casey Maldonado, and her companion, the Grim Reaper... Clemens is adept at creating an appealing cast of characters while keeping the plot moving at a fast clip. Casey and Death make an oddly entertaining pair, and readers will hope to see their relationship fleshed out in future titles."
Publishers Weekly

" interesting protagonist, and Clemens knows what she's doing."
Contra Costa Times

Praise for Different Paths:

"The background here—of life on a farm surrounded by suburbs, and the Mennonite church that some of the characters attend—is superbly rendered. Stella is both admirable and flawed, which makes her interesting."
—Roberta Alexander, Contra Costa Times

"Total satisfaction from start to finish."
Crimespree Magazine

"Stella Crown is a wonderful, if unusual, addition to the amateur-detective ranks. Most of us don't know much about dairy farming, motorcycles, tattoo artists, the Mennonite religion, or what happens behind the scenes at rock-and-roll concerts. But these are all important elements in Clemens' series, now in its fifth installment... This unique series deserves a much larger audience and more recognition."

"As with previous books in the series, the chief attraction rests in Stella’s relationships with such people as her boyfriend, Nick, and her farmhand, Lucy, as well as in the daily trials, tribulations and pleasures of running a small dairy farm. Stella... is persistent, loyal and determined, qualities that should continue to attract new readers."
Publishers Weekly

"A sprightly tale and a surprising ending, along with Clemens's trademark quirky characters."

"Fans will enjoy eccentric Stella, loyal to a fault to her friends and acerbic to her enemies."
Midwest Book Review

Praise for The Day Will Come:

"Stella, with her Harley, cows and engaging circle of friends, will appeal to cozy and more mainstream mystery fans alike. This is a solid addition to a series that improves book by book."
Publishers Weekly

"This is a well-written series, whose characters, while nontraditional, are completely believable. We learn about dairy farming, tattoos, band practice, whatever, all skillfully subservient to the story. You go, Stella."
—Roberta Alexander, Contra Costa Times

"In what has become a happy annual event, the formidable dairy farmer-detective returns... with the publication of The Day Will Come... It is a pleasure to report that both Clemens and Crown are at the top of their respective games."
—Mike Lackey, The Lima News

"The refreshing lead character, coupled with a well-thought out plot and conclusion, make for an enjoyable, quick read... this series' strength lies in its cow connection and its quirky, complex characters who face events with subtle humor."
Mystery Scene

Praise for To Thine Own Self Be True:

"The art of skin decoration plays a large part in To Thine Own Self Be True, Judy Clemens' third entry in her superlative series about Crown, which gets stronger from book to book and is unlike anything else being done in the genre... Clemens' plots grow naturally, like a healthy heifer, and in each of her books we learn something new about dairy farming and the human experience. It might not be anything we needed to know going in, but knowing about it seems as normal as a glass of milk with our Christmas cookies."
—Dick Adler, Chicago Tribune

"The success of Arizona-based Poisoned Pen Press is a shining example of what can be achieved through the publication of consistently well-written books like Judy Clemens's To Thine Own Self Be True... Featuring fast prose and well-drawn characters who are mostly good people who help each other, Clemens's mystery also paints a complete picture of the hard work that goes into farming while educating the reader on the rules and regulations governing the tattoo business. The third entry in Clemens's Stella Crown series won't disappoint fans of the first two books. Strongly recommended."
—Jo Ann Vicarel, Library Journal (starred review)

"...abundant wit, well-developed characters, and a vividly realized rural setting."
—Barbara Bibel, Booklist

"Bikers and tattoos have something of an image problem, but Clemens's fun and surprising third Stella Crown mystery (after 2005's Three Can Keep a Secret) goes a long way toward improving that image."
Publishers Weekly

Praise for Three Can Keep a Secret:

"If you haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting one of the most original figures in recent crime fiction—Stella Crown, 29-year-old Pennsylvania dairy farmer and dedicated biker—Judy Clemens' perfectly realized second book about her is a good place to start... The elements of Stella's life, as diverse as they are, ring loud and true, thanks to Clemens' ear for what farmers and bikers sound like, especially when they're under pressure."
—Dick Adler, Chicago Tribune

"Milk cows, motorcycles, and Mennonites seem like an odd combination for a mystery, but Judy Clemens makes it work... Glimpses of good-guy biker culture and the inner workings of a dairy farm create a rich, convincing backdrop..."
—Hallie Ephron, Boston Globe

", strong mystery. In this second Stella Crown mystery (after 2004's Till the Cows Come Home), Clemens has a winner."
Publishers Weekly

"Readers who fell hard for Harley-riding heroine Stella Crown in Clemens' 2004 debut Till the Cows Come Home will be delighted to see her again."
—Jenny McLarin, Booklist

"...a delightful story, brimming with life and quirkiness and stocked with memorable characters."
—Roberta Alexander, Contra Costa Times

"Many mystery series or writers are easy to categorize or to group. Clemens, and Stella Crown, are unique, and the mix of bikes, violent death and the respectfully rendered faith that centers many of the characters makes for a fresh and compelling mix."
ThisWeek Community Newspapers

"Fans of well-written mysteries, motorcycles or Mennonites will enjoy this fast read that ends in a highly satisfying twist."
The Lima News

"Stella Crown is a great character—strong, independent, and, when necessary, combative. I liked her and the very real dairy farm setting. I even liked the cows."
—Barbara D'Amato, Anthony and Agatha award-winning author

Praise for Till the Cows Come Home:

"...promising first novel... an absolutely original lead character... Clemens' plotting is solid and unexpected, and all her characters... come quickly to life."
Chicago Tribune

"Talented first-timer Clemens's solid, commendable prose, in-depth characterization, and sympathetic subject matter make this a good choice for regional and larger mystery collections."
Library Journal

"...absorbing mystery thriller... engaging heroine... as graphic as any similar scene in James Herriott's All Creatures Great and Small..."
Publishers Weekly

" endearing heroine in a promising first novel. Clemens's vivid portrayal of the lot of the small farmer is eye-opening and disturbing."
—Jenny McLarln, Booklist


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